House Democrats say postmaster Louis DeJoy has ignored their document requests

House Democrats say postmaster Louis DeJoy has ignored their document requestsHouse Democrats say Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is giving them the cold shoulder.When DeJoy testified for the House Oversight Committee last week, many congressmembers requested documents regarding the changes he has overseen at the United States Postal Service. But DeJoy apparently hasn't followed up, prompting Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), the committee chair, to say Monday she'd soon be subpoenaing DeJoy for those documents.> New: @OversightDems say they will subpoena Louis DeJoy for withholding key documents about USPS mail delays from Congress. He has not provided a single additional document since testifying on August 24 https://t.co/dS4Q52mPPx pic.twitter.com/apaDYfqSPw> > — Ari Berman (@AriBerman) August 31, 2020Reports of delays and mismanagement within the postal service have gone up under DeJoy's watch, and Republicans have tried to block funding for the USPS to try and fix those problems. Democrats say it's because the Trump megadonor is trying to further a long-held conservative goal of phasing out the post office for private business. Trump has also admitted that he is withholding funding from the USPS because without it, "you can't have universal mail-in voting."More stories from theweek.com Data firm predicts election 'chaos' as Trump seems to win in a landslide before losing as more votes are counted Ron Jeremy hit with 20 more sexual assault charges involving 13 women Pandemic adviser with no epidemiology background reportedly pushes White House to adopt herd immunity strategy

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