Ohio drop box restrictions add new front to mail-in voting battle

Ohio drop box restrictions add new front to mail-in voting battleDrop boxes are set to take center stage in the "2020 voting wars."On Wednesday, Ohio's Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose released a statement spelling out the rules and regulations for drop box usage during general election voting, and some viewed it as a red flag that could suppress voter turnout.LaRose says legitimate drop boxes will be placed only at county boards of elections, and that "boards of elections are prohibited from installing a drop box at any other location." But Democrats in the state are arguing there's no legal reason for such a restriction, and that limiting the number of drop boxes will make it more challenging for voters to get their ballots in on time during the coronavirus pandemic.It doesn't help that recent concerns about the slow pace of the United States Postal Service has some worried about delays to mail-in ballots. President Trump has even faced allegations of grinding the service to a halt deliberately.> This is the new front in the 2020 voting wars: placement of drop boxes. Wouldn't be happening if we did not have new concerns about the USPS's ability and willingness to move mail ballots. https://t.co/spbtAktijV> > -- Rick Hasen (@rickhasen) August 12, 2020The move is viewed by some as an attempt to cater to the Trump administration. > The mask is off. @FrankLaRose works for the Trump campaign, NOT Ohio voters. Outrageous. There is no statutory authority for this Directive. The Trump campaign is suing to stop drop boxes in PA. I guess that's the "litigation" he is afraid of? VoterSuppression https://t.co/K0WpjgXhpx> > -- Gretchen Bennett (@BennettGretchen) August 12, 2020More stories from theweek.com Trump has pretty much eliminated daily intelligence briefings. Biden has already started receiving them. The case against American truck bloat Kamala Harris hammers Trump's coronavirus 'failure' in 1st speech as VP candidate

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